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ADHD Quiz for Women

Wondering if you could have ADHD?

Take the quiz to help clarify whether or not you may have ADHD.

  1. Do you feel like you just can’t keep up with the demands of life (maintaining a household or keeping track of homework assignments, gym bags, soccer shoes, homework, etc …) when it seems like others around you do this with ease?
  2. Are you forgetful? (birthdays of loved ones, assignment due dates, doctors appointments …)
  3. Do you have 3 mustards in your cabinet but no milk in the fridge (or five pens, a chapstick, an old phone case and an expired granola bar in your backpack but you left the textbook and your computer at home)?
  4. Do you often find yourself impulsive, maybe overspending, overeating, or having one to two too many glasses of wine?
  5. Does your bedroom/kitchen/living room/bathroom look like a tornado just flew through?
  6. Do you feel physical pain at the thought of sitting down to do a time-consuming mundane task (taxes, homework or a term paper)?
  7. Do you bite your fingernails, twirl your hair, squirm in your seat or bounce your knee often?
  8. Do you get easily distracted from what you were doing and then have a hard time getting back to the task at hand?
  9. Does your mind often wander off?
  10. Have you often been told you’re too emotionally sensitive?
  11. Do you often feel overwhelmed, especially in overstimulating environments or when there are too many decisions to make?
  12. Does time seem to slip by when you’re doing something you’re really interested in (even if it wasn’t what you were ‘supposed’ to be doing at the time)? Are you chronically late?
  13. Do you struggle with motivation to do even the things you WANT to do?
  14. Do you interrupt, finish other people’s sentences or are you often asked to lower your voice?
  15. Do you typically have more than one conversation going through your head at once?
  16. Is it hard to pay attention to others while you are trying to filter out the rest of the world (the lawnmower down the street, that rock in your shoe, or tag on the back of your shirt …)?
  17. Do you jump from hobby to hobby or career to career (relationship to relationship)?
  18. Have teachers or other adults in your life suggested you should try harder or that you are lazy (not performing in school/work at your intellectual potential)?
  19. Do you feel ashamed of your struggles to do normal day-to-day things (showering, brushing teeth, dishes, laundry …)?
  20. Have these issues been around in some form or another since at least age 12?
  21. Have these issues interfered with success in your education, employment, finances, relationships, or have they gotten you in trouble with the law?

If you answered yes to at least of 5 questions on our ADHD quiz — AND yes to both #20 and #21 — we should talk. I can help.

And remember, if you do have ADHD, you also have a lot of gifts and strengths. Yes, having ADHD means your brain is different from a lot of others’ (about 90% of the population). That said, your brain is BEAUTIFUL.

Work with me to find out how.