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ADHD Services for Women

I provide comprehensive evaluation and treatment for ADHD in women and girls over the age of 18, as well as management counseling, as needed.

Here’s a snapshot of what the evaluation and feedback sessions look like …

Initial ADHD Evaluation (90-minute session)

During this visit, we may:

  • Review your concerns. What made you seek out this service now?
  • Review your medical, educational, legal, occupational and social history.
  • Conduct a limited physical exam to establish baseline vital signs such as blood pressure and weight, and to screen for physical issues that can cause ADHD symptoms (even if you don’t actually have ADHD) or worsen them.
  • Obtain releases of information for your other healthcare providers and/or school and other collaterals as needed (so please remember to bring this contact information to your appointment).
  • Order lab tests, if needed.

ADHD Evaluation Feedback Visit (90-minute session)

During this visit:

  • We will review and discuss the findings from your initial appointment, including lab tests, as appropriate.
  • Together we will develop a personalized ADHD treatment plan centered on your own strengths, goals and desires.
  • Treatment plans may include counseling, education, medication management and/or referral to other providers.
  • We will then recommend the frequency with which in-person or telehealth follow ups should occur.
  • A visit every 1-2 weeks in the first month of treatment is best. Thereafter, depending on your symptoms, the time between visits can stretch out. If you are receiving prescriptions with me, expect to have at least a 20 minute check-in every 2 months.
  • My goal is to deepen your understanding of your very unique brain, thereby improving your quality of life, functioning and self-acceptance.

Complimentary 15-minute Consultation

Have some questions? Feel free to schedule a free 15-minute consultation appointment so we can discuss your needs, and answer questions about how I can help.

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Fees Overview

  • Initial Evaluation: $680
  • Creyos Cognitive Assessment: $35
  • Follow Up Evaluation: $680
  • Management Counseling: $150
  • Brief Check-in: $50

Note: Additional rates and billing information can be found here.

What You Can Expect

Proprietary Workbook

A thorough but digestible explanation of the underlying neurology of ADHD that will help you and your loved ones understand your brain. It also serves as the framework for developing your personalized ADHD management plan.

Psychoeducational Counseling

Relatable evidence-based education on how ADHD affects you, what you can and cannot control, and how to disconnect your self-worth from the challenges ADHD presents in your daily life.

Medication Management

Knowledgeable, safe, and responsible prescribing/managing of ADHD medications.

Natural Alternatives to Psychiatric Medications

Evidence-based guidance on nutritional supplements and ADHD. Undivided Attention is the only provider in the Madison area certified to manage Daily Essential Nutrients from Hardy Nutritionals, which is a complete nutritional supplement with clinically demonstrated effectiveness in ADHD. Here’s a link to the Hardy Nutritionals Provider Locator Map.

Systems and Routines that are Actually Helpful

Stop listening to neurotypical productivity advice. As your ADHD specialist, I will encourage you to explore your personal strengths, values, and motivators so you can learn effective strategies to support your goals for functioning in the real world.

Virtual Options

In-person sessions tend to be best, but we understand life can get in the way. If Undivided Attention prescribes stimulant medications for you as a part of your ADHD treatment plan, at least 1 in-person visit per year will be required due to Federal and State guidelines surrounding the management of controlled substances. Otherwise, we can work on your ADHD treatment program virtually.

Diagnostic Testing Including Lab Work as Appropriate

Sometimes underlying medical conditions can create or worsen the symptoms of ADHD. Undivided Attention can help uncover those by ordering and interpreting the appropriate lab work if needed.